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The bottom line is that John Casablancas Modeling Agency misleads parents/Guardians and their children.

My experience:

Last summer my neice Victoria from Mississippi was visiting me and was in my care for 2 months of her summer break. She is 11 years old. As we were driving in the car one day, she happened to hear the radio advertisement that mentioned that John Casablancas were in search for the next Hannah Montana-type child star and were holding auditions in oakbrook Illinois which was only 35 mins from me. Victoria has always shown intrest in wanting to pursue this type of future so she took it upon herself to call the 800 number from her cell phone. She had no luck reaching anyone and never even left a message. However, Later on Victoria gets a call back from JC's saying they saw they missed her call and I saw her eyes light up with such excitement. She passed me her phone and they asked me to set up an audition time. I was skeptical therefore I asked if there would be any fees or anything I need to know about. They told me the dress code and the way they made it seem to us was that they were holding an audition to pick a child for an actual new image being created for television. This is how they mislead everyone. I went out and bought my neice a nice outfit according to their specifications. Victoria was so excited that she could not sleep and was just so anxious.

We go to audition appointment which went well, they called wanting her to do the second audition. They even told me over the phone that they liked her so much that she was the first child picked for the second audition! So, I go out and buy Victoria another outfit and shoes thinking that this is her little dream and I want to give her the best shot possible and may sure she looked perfect. BTW, I did get permission from Victorias mother to pursue this and her mother also spoke with the agency and confirmed the same information with me and understandings.

At the 2nd audition they take her in one room for her actual audition and they make me wait in someones office. After telling Victoria that she did great and that she has a ton of talent...they send her back to me with an office lady to the office in which I am sitting. Right in front of my neice which is estactic that she did a great job...they give me a folder telling me we need to sign her up for classes. These classes are around $2,000 and were like 3 months long. They knew she was only temporarily visiting me so why would they even have wasted my time to show up if this whole thing was about classes? They knew she wouldn't be around to take any classes. So, anyway...they said if I signed her up for classes today then Victoria could come back for another audition which would be in front of a talent scout flying in from California. However...this talent scout was coming in a matter of days so what would it matter if she signed up for classes or not because it would not affect her performance for that audition. I started seeing HUGE red flags at this point. They also told me that I would need to sign her up for classes that night in order to get her on that audition list. So I started asking questions... I said what I want to know is if these auditions are for a specific part/look being pursued as the advertisement on the radio made it seem or if these auditions are just to promote and fill your classes within your private school? Of course we all know that one does need training to become a famous actor or model, however, the difference is that John Casablanca is advertising a search for the next Hannah Montana-type actor or model...they are NOT advertising their school or their classes. This misleads children to begging their parents to take them in thinking they are just looking for that one lucky-duck kid with the right look. They advertise as if it is a contest to be won.

So I see all the arguing about if John Casablancas is a scam or not. Well all I can say is that I do not doubt that if I pay the $2,000 my neice would have went to some type of training classes however they need to advertise their school on the up & up as a school. They should not be allowed to consider these auditions when really they are preselecting the kids that they want to be in their school...which I believe is discrimination. If an ugly kid does not get a call back from their 1st audition, then that is JC's way of not offering classes based on what they have already seen of the child, right?

Anyhow...a stop needs to be put on all the misleading intentions John Casablancas is posing upon us and our children with misleading advertisements & misinformation to get our children into their office and to put us parents/guardians on the spot for something we are not expecting and putting the adult under pressure. Once it was clear what this all was really about, and I decided not to sign up for classes... I then had to contend with my beautiful neice which was in tears thinking that she was missing out on her one big chance for her dream. Very very sad & very very pissed. Please spare you child of this experience.

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Well first of all you sound kind of dumb by saying that one does not need training to become a famous actor or model.Of course you that's what the classes are for they teach you how to walk the runway the right way to arch your back when you walk they teach you how to make facial expressions for the camera come on now unless your niece already knows that in her (natural born talent) acting always take time you can't just get on camera and say hey I'm ready to be the next Hannah Montana without 0% of training experience no sweety it doesn't work like that and you knew yourself that your niece was staying with you for a short amount of time commen sense would have told you okay there's probably money evolved duhh nothing is for free and that money helps pay for the classes I can't believe people like you ,you make the mistake and want to blame other people for it to ruin their careers and from my 11 weeks at jc I have learned alot so you have nothing to say about them being a scam you misunderstood the radio remember that


Is this an agency as well?


This is a lie because I just signed with an Agency and John Casablanca's already send me A thousands of commercials auditions and I made three of them so this is just a lie

Chicago, Illinois, United States #866841

I recently went there and they didn't ask me to buy any outfit

Broadview, Illinois, United States #836476

I too played the fool for John Casablancas Modeling Agency.Unfortunately, I paid for the classes and my daughter graduated and received certificates etc.

This was 2011; however in 2013 I was contacted by someone claiming to work for them because they wanted more money saying that there were other expenses and additional fees for her time there. I asked why after two years have passed am I being contacted now. I have paid them in full yet my daughter was to receive auditions and maybe had three or four and no call backs that part just didn't happen at all. I think my daughter and I both learned valuable lessons from this scam.

I am posting this response hoping that other parents save their children from this disappointment without spending large sums of money.

I have been contacted again by another company claiming that my daughters name was referred to them yet I cannot get any specifics from them.

They are so willing to meet with her for yet what they call an audition but what they don't know is that I have already been there and done that so I am well educated on what to look for now and plan to exploit them once I have the proof I need without spending my money this time.

Beware its not just John Casablancas misleading people there are others out there selling their schools via auditions.This is a real life scandal that needs someone like Olivia Pope to tell the world what is really going on and save the people from being...

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THAT IS NOT TRUE I work with jc they are nice people if you hear it on the radio and you know that your child has no experience then u should know your gonna have classes I just signed my contract last week very nice classes and people they have to prepare u to get ready the classes are only to show u how to dress for certain events and walk I'm heels also eat in camera they are not mislead or a scam they are good if you or your child is good then it wouldn't be any classes u were not mislead u are just dumb

Dallas, Texas, United States #755771

I have an adult son who's been supporting himself as a performer for over 20 years, plus a 12-year-old who signed with a talent agent a year ago and is currently shooting a lead role in a new movie -- he's also in a mini-series airing this week on cable.To me, it seems that the problem is that there is often a gap between what parents aqnd kids think they're paying for, and what the companies actually sell.

Here's a link to an article on my blog that, I hope, explains how to tell the difference between a scam and a legitimate school or listing service.

Hopefully, it will help some parents make a good decision for their child.http://debmcalister.com/2013/12/09/are-casting-hub-its-cousins-fooling-would-be-child-stars/

Miami, Florida, United States #737403

omg of COURSE its a scam...on an interview they tell you that the entire school is designed to help kids with their SELF ESTEEM...they prey on people's hopes and dreams. They say most of these children don't even have the potential or talent to make it but they play on people's HOPES to become famous and make it big...they say this to people interviewing for SALES REPS at JC.. it's a terrible place...beware...


The Same *** my daughter & I experienced here in Denver on this past Saturday morning, but instead by another one of Goran Djenadic's companies called Casting Hub!!! TOTAL SCAM!!!!!

to Kim New York, New York, United States #582421

My daughter auditioned for casting hub this morning and we are waiting for a call back. We have been looking up many different things finding out many different complaints and compliments. So i was wondering if you actually went into the agency and actually paid the money or did you just turn it down when you heard about the money?

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