Im in the John casablancas in carrollton tx. I have been there for about 1 and a half months now, and im trying to find out if it is a scam, and your reasons for thinking or knowing that????

Im not doing too good with money right now and i cant afford to be flushing it in the toilet. Im a mother of 3 and im hoping that i will be able to actually have a career in modeling and acting, and make great money from that to better our lives.

and also my oldest is wanting me to put her through it aswell, and i dont want a "scam to crush her like if she was a bug" Please respond. Thank you.

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So my daughter received a call for an "Audition". I explained to Jennifer with Casablanca that my daughter has already graduated from the Barbizon program and that I would not spend any money on "Training" or registration fees.

She said there was no fees for talent signed. So we went in tonight with headshot, resume, reference letter and proof of prior runway work. They didnt look at any of it, Had her fill out an application, and then just like the rest of the fraudulent "Talent" agencies out there, had her go back to a bigger room along with about 20 other "prospective talent". She did their dog and pony show.

Then they were told they would receive a phone call between 8:45p to 9p to find out if they would be called in for another interview. She waited up until 11pm... no phone call not even a text. Before we left I reminded Jennifer that she had already been through modeling and acting training that I would not pay for more.

To simple let us know if they want to sign her or not, that I didn't want to hear a sales spill or anything just a yes or no. I guess Jennifer realized that I was serious when I said I wouldn't spend a dime on their "training". So they couldn't even be professional enough to call or text to tell her no. Another BS money scheme "Talent" agency in Dallas.

I will make sure and post to the BBB in Dallas and on social media as well. How do you people sleep at night playing with the hearts, minds, hopes and dreams of kids just to make money?

If anyone from Casablanca would like to step up and have the decency to contact me with an explanation, I would be surprised but also it would be appreciated. My email is gcclarkjratgmaildotcom.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1183446

I see WHY everyone is saying it is a scam, but I just want to let you know that JC is worth the money if you use the opportunities that it gives you. I haven't even finished all of my classes, and I got my first job of being in Charlotte Fashion Week.

I thought John Casablancas was a scam when I first started, but then I realized that they really do provide so many opportunities like casting calls and auditions.

JC will build up your resume, and that's what you need to be successful.


I want to know is it a scam. I just had a classmate of mine tell me that it's free if they really want you.

If you pay anything is a scam. Please let me know.


Took 9 year old dive daughter to first audition, got call back for 2nd one on one interview ~ what can I expect? Very unsure after reading these complaints!




This place is a huge SCAM DONT SIGN ANYTHING,I REPEAT DONT SIGN ANYTHING!! I took my 13 year old daughter here in April for an "audition" the woman I was on the phone with said she was the only scheduled that day not only was the office full of nieve people the" judges" were late and obviously hungover my daughter said they smugged cheap make up on her face and snapped 2 photos!!

And asked for portfolio fee?! 150$ after I payed we went to the front desk and started the "payment plan" 2,500$for 10 lessons I regretfully signed the contract after about 5weeks my daughter came to me in tears saying how she really wanted to model but she isn't learning anything?!

So of course I'm pissed off and immediately remove her from the "classes" and demand a refund the woman says that she will direct deposit the money into my account after 3 months! I still did not get my money!!!!!!


Scam, scam, scam!

Dallas, Texas, United States #665475

I went to the workshops at the John Casablancas in Carrollton. The teachers were all very professional and helpful.

I miss having to go to there each Sat. I am so glad my parents paid for me to attend.

It was an experience of a life time.

Ttl. Corrine .M


I went to the same one. I told them I would look into payments next time we came in.

Im not going to state names but the "agent" i spoke with was really obligated to get money from me right then and there. I told him i wouldn't be able to until next week, and he decides to tell me that I can call a family member or friend over the phone and get a credit card number. Hmmmm thats when a red flag popped up.

Very persistent on getting money NOW. I don't trust people like that.


mmmm confused. From my understanding in the carrolton area is a training to get a push into medeling and acting.

I have not been discussed about fees or anything yet, but barely going son to an individual interview????

Maybe that when I would be told??? Guess need to make a call 1st.


I have read complaints on here, and some ppl are complaining and some ppl are taking up for the company.. So i was trying to figure out if anybody is attending or have attended the one im taking in Texas, maybe the difference in staff could make all the difference or something.. not sure..


Read all of the other complaints and decide for yourself. Apparently a LOT of people believe it is a scam.

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