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This is a school. Remember to tell your child and yourself that.

IT is not only a school but a franchised business. Like all business they have marketing tools to attract business. Well I do not blame the business I blame myself for not educating myself enough as an adult and allowing someone to tinker with my CHILDS hopes and dreams. Their marketing tools Will include an interview where it will be accessed the ability for the payments to be made and the childs motivation to continue to purchase all the recommendations to help your child reach their potential...?

You will hear that there are only so many positions so hurry and open your pocketbook turn over $300 to secure that your little model

will get a spot. Don't forget that you also have to sign on the dotted line of the contract to pay In addition $87.00 a week for 20 weeks. And if somehwere in the 20 weeks your model wakes up from her dream and sees the reality CONTINUE TO PAY YOUR WEEKLY!!!! You will find yourself paying over $1000.00 more than the contracted rate as a penalty.

Unfortunately you will pay the $3000 plus to find out that the are only a school and you and your child have been had BUT you let it !!!

Ask for their curriculumn as a school they have one and you should be able to see it prior.

You might see that alot of what you are paying you will find at Miami Dade and at your local high schools for a fraction of the price and taught by licensed personnel. OH AND WITHOUT A CONTRACT TO SIGN YOUR LIFE AWAY.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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So I got accepted in and Idk what to do cuz everyone is saying its a scam but some people are saying its not. What do I do???



john casablancas is an agency for trained models thats why all you dummy's think youre getting rippede off .... beause you/your kid arent good enough and they have to train you and that taqkes money... maybe only trained models should go here and dummys like you shoukld get training else where

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