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well I had been thinking about getting into acting or modeling. I sent out my picture to a few of the local talent agencies. The very next day I recieved an email from john casablancas. The email said they were currently looking for new models or potential actors and that I should contact them immediately. The very same day they called my cell phone. I dont know how they got my number, but I was excited that an agency had interest in me so quickly. They said they wanted me to come the very next day for an audition. I was so excited I couldnt refuse. It seemed like just the opportunity I was looking for.

So the next day I got all nervous thinking it was going to be a bigtime audition. When I got in there nobody was at the desk. Then finally this trashy looking lady came up to the desk and didnt even acknowledge me. She picked up the phone and totally ignored me. I was expecting for them to be waiting on me to get there. Then finally she hung up the phone and told me to sign in. Apparantly I wasnt the only one auditioning. I filled out a couple forms and she gave me a 5 sentance script that I was supposed to practice. I said "thats it?! seems really short?". At the top of the page it said "for ages 12+". I am 25 years old. So I waited for fifteen minutes and in the meantime about 20 people showed up for the audition. Most of them were little kids and their parents. So since I was first to get there I was first in line to go through the "audition". So first they lead me over to a "photo room" which was basically nothing but an empty room with a backdrop and a table in it. A "professional photographer" was going to take a few shots of me. I was suprised when she pulled out the camera and didnt even use a tripod. She then told me to get into a very odd pose and took 4 pictures. They looked like something I could have done at home.

Next quickly I was rushed to the second room. In this room was a cheap wooden runway and they were playing cheap britney spears music in the background. I sat there and practiced my script with all the other people until the "agent" came in. She was accompanied by two other young sleezy looking girls that were supposedly a professional movie director, a runway model, and a *** black guy that was supposedly a model also but his face looked like rocky road. So at this point I was suspicious, but the thought of my dreams coming true were too strong to have any doubt about anything. So they told me to first walk the runway, which I did. Then they had me read the script, which I did an amazing job at. So everyone else did the same thing and after everybody was done, she said that there would be people who wouldnt be called back. She said that they would need me to come back the very next day to discuss starting a modeling career. I was so excited.

So the very next day I went back and they still hardly even knew my name. The "agent" took me in her office and was very nice talking to me. She started talking about all the possibilities I could have, everything I could become, and how much money i was going to make. I got so excited that they were interested in "investing in me". But then she started talking about I would need to take classes before they could start marketing me and making money. I then found out that this would be a 10 month process and the course would end up costing $2200. She said that if I wanted to get started in my career that I would need to go and get $340 out of my bank account to get the registration and pay for books/supplies. I told her I just didnt have all that money. Then she said I could just pay $100 to get the registration done, and I could pay the other $240 on the day of the first class. Foolishly I agreed and paid her $100 cash. I didnt like the idea of paying her, but I though it would eventually pay off in the long run if I could find some good modeling jobs. My parents told me they were scamming me, but I couldnt accept that possibility.

After thinking about it I got online and did a search. I didnt even get the whole name typed in before "john casablancas scam" popped up in the search field. So I clicked on it and my dreams suddenly fell through the roof. I saw about a hundred scam stories. I immediately felt cheated and realized that everything my parents had said was true. I couldnt feel any stupider in my whole life. So today I went right up there and as soon as I walked in the office the "agent" said "let me guess you changed your mind?". She already knew what I was there for like she had already seen it a million times. I told her I wanted to cancel the contract. She said I would have to make it in writing so I took a piece of paper and wrote it down. She said that they had already took my money and made in into a cashiers check paying john casablancas. So then I would have to wait up to 45 days before I would recieve a refund from the corporate office. I asked her why because I had just given her the money not even 24 hours ago. She said it was because they dont keep any cash in the office at any time. She told me that I "completely wasted her time yesterday", and seemed like she wanted to argue with me or something about it. I dont even know this lady, I just wanted to cancel it and get out. So she made a copy of the cancellation letter and gave it to me, then said "goodbye". I never felt so cheated and violated in my whole life. Im just glad I got out before I gave them any more money, and that I cancelled the contract within the unusually short 3 day period so they cant keep my money. As long as the money comes in ill be fine, but if it doesnt come within 45 days im going to file a lawsuit. I dont care if it is just $100 dollars. A REAL modeling agency sent me an email yesterday and wants to speak with me soon. I did a full background check on them. So that makes me feel better. I will become something one day. JOHN CASABLANCAS IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!!! DO NOT EVER SPEND ONE SINGLE DIME THERE!!!!!! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE JOHN CASABLANCA!!!!

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100% true . Like an *** I paid 2150 and an still waiting on the refund John Casablancas is garbage


What agency was it because casablanca contacted me already I haven't given them any money but I was wondering what agency contacted you because I still wanna model


Hello!Ok, so I am currently going to John Casablancas.

I just started the other day. Lance my director told me I did wonderful on my runway and commercial. He is working on currently getting me in to do a commercial on actual television. I also work for them.

They have me working as a sponsor so I can pay for my classes that way. I love this place. They have me placed in the plus size ladies. They have working hard with me and I really appreciate it.

Please do not bash them. They are not scams!

I am represented by Model Talent Management of Tulsa, Oklahoma.Thank you!

to Anonymous #1145880

Wow!Sounds like an employee leaving a good review to discredit all the bad ones.

If she is so happy with them, why didn't she sign her real name to this post?People BEWARE!!!

Yukon, Oklahoma, United States #1050681

***, i had the exact same interview...


Do you have to pay for anything on the first audition?

to Anonymous #1038316

No you do not.


*** that agency they got me for almost1000 dollars and I only went to two classes they charge you without you knowing they are straight trifling and need to be locked up all of the scammers I want my money back *** that anyone else with me it's payback time


One huge question did you get your money back I have them 470 & I'm waiting for it back


I just went there yesterday and as soon as all the information was done.Snap!

She went write into the contract and money.Thank God we did not pay!!JOHN CASABLANCA IS A SCAM!!!!!WATCH OUT!!!!!!!

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