So i looked online for new modeling agency s for my daughter.I found John Casablanca's in my area so i called the number on the website.She said that they would see her in a week and for her to get pictures of her for her portfolio.

I took a bunch of pics and printed them out. Sometime later i went to the interview.She said my daughter was perfect for it. I gave her the money for the starting cost of the classes. She said it would be $800 for all the modeling.She gave me a calendar of the classes.My daughter is in cross country and she has very weak ankles.

She broke her ankle and it was in the healing. My worst fear was her in high heals. She said she was up to it but i didn't let her. I called later that day to tell them that she wasn't going to be at classes.Then she changed her mind that she won't to do modeling.

I didn't blame her. The wait was unbearable and the place was EMPTY.I called John Casablanca's to get my money back. I got an answering machine so i decided to try tomorrow. I called the next day.

No answer. I left my name my number and my reason for call.

Still Nothing.This was last year and i still call every month with no answer.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #585759

When I was in middle school all of my friends and I were awkward looking, overweight, dorky...And I'm pretty sure I hs a unibrow...

JC was at a "career fair" taking pictures of everyone including my friends and I. They took a group picture and swore to us that we were super models. We were so flattered until we noticed they were taking pictures of everyone and saying the exact same thing I them. Even the 300 lb girl with a camel toe.

I also had a cousin that signed with them and they completely robbed her family of everything they had.This company is a JOKE.


i got a call back from jc today, and they want to meet up with me. after reading this i kinda want to back out of it now... :? :sigh :(

to jaeneen Fort Worth, Texas, United States #581910

Yeah, dont do it.I got a call from them yesterday and said they got my information and they were amazed and all I put down was my name and phone number.

They say i have what it takes and they never even seen me before.Im not trying to discourge you but just wanting to let you know so you wont be fooled.


They sound like John Robert Powers.The excuse they have for paying for class and portfolios is that they want to market you to people but when you ask why you aren't working they say they are not your management team.

I would put them on blast in front of everyone.

Ex.You know a lot of people have written bad reviews all over the country and a very small group of people get some success but only after leaving this company comments please.


they told me i should go to their open house I'm scared now!!


this company is bs and will sign anybody.i knew an overweight man that went here for modeling and he says that they swore up and down he was perfect for the industry..

and then a friend of mine - who is 6 MONTHS PREGNANT was told today that they really wanted her to sign with them and she has never modeled before.they only want your money, not your "talent" that they claim you have...


Modeling classes, seriously?See, my sister is naive and believed this ***.

She had professional portrairs done for a portfolio and 'they weren't good enough'. You have to pay $500 for it. They let any & everyone in...

For the money.Don't waste time or money- please.


I just signed the contract i have 3 days to back out and i really need to know what to do?? Please email me charityabram29@gmail.com

to charity Denver, Colorado, United States #647166

were you able to cancel fully? i signed contract, sent my cancellation within 3 days, and just got this bill from NEA...


A RIP OFF! And Annie sucks

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