I signed my daughter up for the classes a John Cassablancas. I ofcourse most likely got same story or line of information that everyone gets.

The difference is, I do not have ridiculous expectations that my daughter was going to be turned into a supermodel just because she walked in the door. I also knew that it would be high pressure for her to sign up and sign up now. That is the business. Everyone has to make a living, if you are not comfortable with that, then you should of never gone in the first place, or at least adjusted your unrealistic expectations that you or your child would be famous right off the bat.

As with everything, it is what you make of it.

I do not believe it is a rip off, I think that consumers need to take responsbility for looking at all aspects involved in a buisness or company prior to getting involved with them. If you choose not to do that, well then that is on you.

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Anyone who is prepared to allow a ten year old to go into the modelling or acting business needs their heads read ..or thrown into jail ...NO ten or thirteen year old is capable of differentiating between someone making a compliment or a sexual pass , and believe me it will or may happen ..sooner or later in ALL agencies ..probably LESS at Casablancas'.. who , as I have already said , to my knowledge has been a leading force in the world of real Modelling ..including the world of Super Modelling !!


I am surprised to find all this negative stuff about Johnny Casablancas as years ago he was huge ...Elite was and I think still is , the biggest and most successful Model Agency in the World ..and Casablancas used to be right there at the helm , plus flying the globe searching for Talent...I know of a number of girls from Australia who hit the big time with his assistance ... he had some sexual harrassment issues to deal with ages ago , but lets face it , if you know the industry that would be hard to ignore ...there are a lot more shady models out there than JC ...girls who'd do anything to get anywhere ...It's the biggest meat market in the world ..and now it is laced with beautiful Russian girls and girls from Africa who couldn't even afford a pair of shoes ..let alone be chauffered around in limos , snorting cocaine and sipping French Champagne..I know as my ex , a Dutch model was one of the rat pack.... she has covers from French , English , Australian Vogue ..Harpers , and Cosmopolitan to prove it ..


We had the same call call and we cancelled after reading all of the negative comments. I have no problem with people running a business but tell the truth up front and if it as good as they say it is it would eliminate all of this drama.

If they are so succesful wouldn't they be overwhelmed with references from their current clients instead of having to pay for radio advertisement for the first 200 callers?Why do they hide behind free auditions and throw out all of the big Disney show names only to try and sell you a class. They could not name any local success stories but that is the business they are in - seems pretty strange. In a town the size of Chicago they could not give me one local success story. Hey but April Baker is coming to town next month.

Santa Claus is also coming to town in another 11 months and for most it is probably a much safer bet that your child will not be let down. They could not provide any local references but that is their business - starting to smell a little. They could not give me a staright answer except repeating their little script but that is their business. Sorry folks if it sounds to good to be true it almost always is to good to be true.

To all the people who say they liked it show me a link to a commercial that your child was in. Show me a "paid" magazine add that your child was in. Send me a you tube link with you and your child filming for Disney. Read all of the post from the former employeed who admit this is all about making money.

After you read all this if you thnik it is a good idea enjoy. Please set the expectations very low so you don't crush your poor kid that does not understand why anyone would not be telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


idk what to do i got this offer and they want 3 grand upfront what should i so


idk what to do i got this offer and they want 3 grand upfront what should i so


I think people are looking to far into it, I believe it will be a good learning experience for my 13 year old daughter. My son plays sports =$$, takes guitar lessons = $$, why not invest in my daughter. They are just classes and she will make a decision based on these classes, whether she wants to pursue any aspect of the "business" afterward.


i got a call saying they had an open spot in there schedule should i go ? :?

Omsk, Omsk, Russian Federation #199381

Dont know about other people. But we had a great time at JC. My son got auditions all the time and actually booked jobs.


Im 12, and i went to the mall. me and my friends walked into this store signed up for a raffle.

and then we saw some papers, and we asked "what is that" and the guy said "OH this is John casablancas modeling agency, are you guys interested?" and we were. we saw over 100 papers already signed. so we signed up. he only had 32 copies of this modeling paper that he gave to us and he said " since you girls are interested give it a shot." and i asked "Idk about this" and he said " you don't have to if you don't want to its your choice." and me and my friends took the paper anyways.

and now he said. you will maybe get a call between 7pm and 9pm tomorrow. and we are excited but trying not to get our hopes up too high. im scared of what people are saying about "John Casablanca" ive read alot.

any advice? :)


I understand what you are saying, however, something has to be wrong with this company if more than 80% of it's reviews are negative. Yes people should be realistic, but they should also know the truth about a company that does not uphold their end of the deal.

I have seen my share of scams. I don't know if this is one, but hopefully I will find out really soon. I hope that you're daughter is doing well with modeling or whatever she took classes in, but if not, maybe you should write another review telling what happened after the classes ended.

Most of the reviews stated that once the classes were over JC was never heard from again or that they never got considered for a job. 8)


I agree that it's not a rip off but more so a "stepping stone" for my 10 year old to suceed in her future. The classes are expensive but the classes will also help her when she goes on auditons and such.

I look at it as an investment in her future. We put our kids thru catholic/private schools and college for them to become docs and they end up being telemarketers so y not attempt to help them learn something fun and interesting?

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