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I am writing this out to let people know what kind of place John Casablancas is.When I worked there I was not able to tell people the truth about anything.

The company tells everyone that they have 12 spaces available to get them to come in, when in fact they have unlimited space. They have plenty of space they just say that to create a since of urgency so they can close the sale. They make people think that they are at the office to see if they would want to work with them as models or actors, when really they are only trying to sign you for classes. Even if you have had training they will tell you that you need more.

They may have you take a test to see if you have had the training you say, this is the same test the students take to graduate (Even the students who went threw the JC training don’t pass that test.) Roger Rose tells people that he has never signed anyone who did not make all there money back ($2,250.) In the time that I worked at the San Diego office I never saw anyone make that money back. Almost all of the "jobs" the models get are non paying jobs; Roger says that it’s for experience. When people sign for classes Roger will say anything to get you to sign. He will say you can work with the company to help pay for your classes, but there is almost no work and hundreds of scouts trying to help pay off there classes.

After an open house they will always have everyone come back, but schedule everyone at different times so they don’t see the other people from the day before.

If you are willing to pay then John Casablancas will except you into there programs. This company is a complete rip off, all they want is our money and they give nothing in return. The classes are menial and unstructured.

It seams that the teachers are just trying to fill up the 3 hour minimum for each class. I have heard several instructors talking in privet about how difficult it is to make the class last the full 3 hours. There were a lot of complaints about not being paid on time or not being paid at all for jobs that they preformed.

I feel that this company has ripped me off and thousands of others don’t help this company get rich off of you or anyone else who has a dream of modeling or acting.


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It's all up to you.In my opinion you have to have faith they are the open door to success.

Do your's no different going to college four years can't get a job immediately and still responsible for 40,000 in debt .

By the time you go to college and get a job it's still going to take two or three years to make that annual I come.I am a student and sorry to tell you but it serves it's purpose for me


Well, my experience, I'm currently starting my first class with JC in 2 weeks and i've signed up for 4 weeks worth of acting classes and some modeling and im not even paying 1,000.yes I am paying but not as muh as others seem to be paying.

I don't think it's scam since i'm attending a school instead of me "paying for head shoots" or whatever.I'll share more once I actually go through it all.

~Lanita Williams

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1349796

So any updates on how it went?


I just took my baby to her first interview, and they asked us to call back the next day so we did.they then had her come in for a second interview.

we then sat down in the office and told me that she needed a 10 week calls. she then told me that i would have to pay for the class (over 1,000) and that i has to have half (400.00 and something dollars) of the money today to hold her place in the class. I did not have it and I need to talk to her dad.

she then told me that if i had 100.00 that she could go to her team and if they did not take her that i would get my mom back.i left and latter called them back and not one call me back.


we had are inter veiw to night with our 8 year old and the want her to take a 7 week class they were very nice and yes we have to pay some money but they said thats all we would pay for the next three year. with that being said im see people say that the photo's are not free it that right? we just want to make the wright choice for her


Hi! I just sign up with john casablancas and I don't know it there going to give u something for ur skin! Do they?


Worried Parent.I am a student at JC and of coarse the pictues are never free but the photographer that took my pictures usually charges like 1,200 and we only paid 55.

That is great I am about to graduate and I loved it.Of coarse you can't just fly by and become famouse without spending a amount of money that will give you all the tools to be great!

to iluvmyfriends200 #1372752

hi i just had an interview with them today and everything i see calling them a scam, they are like paying a lot of money and you comment is the one that sounds most like what im paying and i was wondering if you could explain more and where you went to.

Nelson, Nebraska, United States #298665

Is there anything going on in Dallas.about John Casablanca.


I am a student at JC and it isn't a scam at all.I go to the one in Tulsa OK and I finished my 18th session and will be graduating next week.

I've learned so much and have already been booked in 3 modeling gigs - 1 print ad and 2 runway, all paid jobs. Their agent sent me out to audition for a national commercial and I got a speaking part. The teachers at the Tulsa school are all very good - they've been extremely informative and helpful. They know their stuff.

They're good working with you one one one and tell you where you need to improve, how to practice at home, etc. They're all very encouraging.I've loved going to class each week and wish I could go there every day of the week! I cannot get enough. (cannot wait to put what I've learned to use when I move to N.Y.

or L.A.) At JC I have learned a lot of secret tips about acting that has given me an edge over the competition at auditions. It's not a scam, it's been great! I love the classes and I've made some good friends there who I practice acting and filming with outside of class. I think the people on here who think it's a scam know very little about it because they haven't gone beyond the 1st introductory class which is mostly about explaining what you will learn there, and getting to know the students.

After the 1st class the session intensifies full speed ahead.

You gain more confidence with each class.Not a scam, I thoroughly recommend it to beginning actors and models.

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