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I just recently attended JC in Sept.2013. My boyfriend told me to record them on my phone because he had a really bad feeling about them.

Thank goodness I did. I had to quit in Nov. due to my sudden job transfer. Don (the director) reassured me that I all I had to do was write a letter of cancellation to corporate and as he stated on my recording "You only have to pay for the classes that you attend, and that's it no more, so you should'nt owe anything, that's how it works I promise you".

He PROMISED . What he didn't tell me was that it's basically $2000 whether you show up for the classes or not. Now all of a sudden I owe them. A real modeling agency doesn't ask money up front like this but because it's considered a "school" they can get away with taking your money.

I found a few girls on the internet willing to help me with this,and are considering legal actions . Everything you learn you can bascially learn on you tube or from a modeling agency that starts with you right away, with GOOD pictures,( which mine were awful) and not having to pay.Everything they told me was a lie. I can't believe I fell for this. I want my money back that I have wasted with this.

Everything that was PROMISED, all of sudden was not promised. The thousands of dollars of pictures that they are going to spend on you, (that you have to pay for), the riches you can make,( which they make off you). I can't believe these people have jobs lying to people making them believe this. I've called all 3 corporate numbers, and have countless of messages.

Don is obviously trying to do everything he can do avoid me. Ms.Murphy still has yet to return any of my phone calls.

These people are demons, and don is just the big fat ugly balded devil with hidden horns. Please don't do this people.

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