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took the class was given the hype of what they are capable of doing marketing u as a actor/modeling getting lots of jobs realize it was not professional the staff were younger than me didn't know what they were doing and basically went over the same stuff over again like hair makeup no real learning in modeling or acting.They have no real strings in any entertainment business let alone getting you gigs anywhere go to a real agency if you want to waste money just flush it down the toilet that's what it is hate it

Review about: John Casablancas Modeling Modeling Service.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #786866

You should probably have invested in a few Grammar books instead of bashing on JC. I'm a model personally for JC and I have gotten plenty of Jobs and opportunities.

I'm 5'8 and I'm a female model, they told me they aren't promising anything they just promise training.

And I received my training and learned a lot. JC is a great business and they are all very professional and a hard working team


first off you must be very *** or u must work for JC i exepect to get what i pay for not have smoke blown up my butt or told lies bottom line it was a rip off and i wasted a lot of money and no lie will ever change that they DO NOT PREP YOU FOR ANY TYPE OF MODELING OR ACTING just a waste


You are so wrong about JC. It is a wonderful company with plenty of opportunities available to you.

People like you expect to pay for classes and wake up the next day with the red carpet rolled out at your front door. Thats NEVER going to happen no matter what agency you go to. The only reason you didnt and probably never will succeed in the modeling/acting business is because of your negative attitude.

Professional people don't have time to deal with it. End of story.

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