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I am a 17 year old who has been dreaming of becoming a model since I was 7. I was introduced to onesourcetalent and that was a scam they just put my picture on the Internet and left me hanging by paying them 30 dollars a month.

Two years later I was introduced to John Casablanca and when I went to meet with them they made me more excited then ever. I was able to have an one on one meeting I also was taught the first time meeting with them a little on how to walk the run way. My problem is I have no support from my family so they wont even take me and they told me to just give up.

I have friends and their families that believe in me and they are willing to take me and support me. What approach do I take if my family said not to do it , and others say live out your dream you have it in you.

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i think you should try to achieve your dream, bad experiences are going to come, but hey, youre gonna have the experience that you need for others who really need you as a model. believe in yourself and believe that God can actually help you out in your dreams (: trust me. :)

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